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Organisation Settings

Your Organisation Settings.
If you are the owner (or have the permissions) you will be able to access 'Organisation Settings' in the top right of the overview page. Here you will see the following options:
  • Details
  • Ledger
  • Reports
  • Staff Accounts


Here you will find your details about your Organisation - including your current plan and Organisation ID. You can upgrade your plan via this page giving you access to the premium features!
You will also see a section to fill out your personal information, this is required when upgrading your PlayerLands plan and when it comes to withdrawing your funds.
It is recommened to provide your information early as possible to prevent any delays when withdrawing funds.


Your ledger page provides you a breakdown of your transactions (Money in / Money out). Here you will also be able to view your current balance and any funds that may be held.
Transactions can take upto 24 hours to appear in your ledger.
Once you have filled out your Organisation details, you will be able to withdraw your funds. You will be then invited to create your Hyperwallet account.
Hyperwallet is our external solution in order to cash your funds out. Once registered you will have access to your Hyperwallet account where you can select how you want to recieve your money.


The reports section allows you to generate yourself a report from your ledger. Select a ledger and a date range and hit generate. Allow for some time in order for your report to be generated and once its available, you will be able to download it.

Staff Accounts

The Staff Accounts section is where you configure who you want accessing your Organisation and what permissions they have access to. In order to grant access to another user to your Organisation, you will need to make sure they have registered for an account.
To create a role, click the 'Create Role' button on the right hand side and the configuration section will appear below. Select the permissions you want the role to include and click 'Create Role' at the bottom of the screen.
Once a role has been created, you will have the ability to edit, delete and assign the role. On the left hand side, enter the email of the user you want to add to your Organisation. Once entered, click the dropdown and select the role then click 'Add Member'. The user will now have access to your Organisation.
In certain circumstances, you may need to ask the user to logout and log back in to the Portal in order for the permissions to be updated.