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Store Details

Everything you need to know about Store Details.
You will be able to do numerous things in this section such as adding your Server Url, adding a Custom Domain, changing your Store Currency, Tax Settings and changing your Checkout Theme. You will also be able to add chargeback commands.

Server Url

When you add your Server Url, it will display on your store as well as display how many players are online on your server.

Custom Domain

For your custom domain you will need to point a cname record from the url that you want your store url to be to then you can add your custom domain in this section.


You can change your Store Currency here, this will be what displays on your store. Your customers can still pay for your products even if their country does not have the same currency as you, this is just what is displayed on your store. We are always looking to add new currencies so if you're looking for a certain currency to be added feel free to drop it in our suggestions channel in our discord.

Tax Settings

You will be able to change your store's Tax Settings to either 'Exclusive' or 'Inclusive' of Tax. PlayerLands' default mode will be set as 'Exlusive of Tax'.
  • Exlusive of Tax - In this option, it will compute the tax and add it on top of the payment amount. The advantage of this is that, regardless of where the consumer is from, the server owner will receive the same amount from each payment. However, it also implies that different buyers will see various prices for your products, according to their country of residence.
The VAT rate in the UK is 20%. A consumer in the UK would be charged £12 for a product that is priced at £10 using the VAT exclusive pricing mechanism. After a transaction was made, the £2 VAT would be subtracted, leaving £10 (before processing fees) accessible to the server owner.
  • Inclusive of Tax - Customers will always be charged the same amount, and the VAT will be added to that price. Contrary to VAT exclusive pricing, this implies that every buyer will view your products at exactly the same price, irrespective of their nation, but it also implies that you will earn a different sum based on the amount of VAT charged.
The VAT rate in the UK is 20%. Any consumer who purchases a product at the VAT inclusive price mode of £10 will be charged £10, no matter where they are located. Before processing costs, £2 would be subtracted from this as VAT, leaving the server owner with £8.

Checkout Theme

We allow server owners to change the style of their checkout theme, the options we have are 'Light' and 'Dark'. This will be what all of your customers see when they go to checkout.

Chargeback Commands

You can add commands that will run on your server when someone does a chargeback. Once you have added a command it will automatically run when a chargeback has happened.