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Everything you need to know about Themes.
To make your store look appealing to customers we advise having a template that looks good to also encourage people to purchase from your store. We have a set amount of free default templates that you can choose from, which we are always adding to.
We also have a Marketplace which you can purchase a template which is a one time purchase and you can keep forever, as well as edit the code yourself if you would like to make a few tweaks.

Default Themes

There are a free Default Themes that we offer which you can choose for your store, as well as that you can clone a Default Themes if you wish to edit the code and change the store to how you like.
We advise only to change the code in the template editor if you have an understanding of tailwind / nunjucks.

Custom Themes

Custom Themes are a great way to have a completely custom theme that you can customize your theme to your liking. You will need the Premium Plan to be able to create a Custom Theme.
When you have purchased a Theme from the Marketplace it will appear in the Custom Themes section, you will be able to edit your Custom Theme you have purchased here also.