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Everything you need to know about Products.
In order for you to create a Product, you will need to create a Category for your Product to be assigned to. Navigate to the Packages page, you can get here by clicking 'Webstore' -> 'Packages' in the side menu.

Create Package (Product)

Click the 'Create Package' dropdown and click 'Product' you will be shown the 'New Product' page. Configure your Product with the following:

General Product Information

  • Name
  • Category
  • Price
  • Featured Product
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Image


The configuration section allows you to customize the type of Product you are creating. You will have the following options:
  • Product Type
    • Standard
    • Subscription
  • Hide (Hidden in webstore)
  • Available Servers
  • Display order
  • Purchase limit

Subscription Product

If you have set your product to be a subscription, you will be given a few more options:
  • Subscription schedule
    • Monthly
    • Days
  • Subscription interval
Subscription schedule will be dependent on when you want your customers to be charged. For example, if you wanted to charge your customer every 30 days, you would select the days option from the 'Subscription schedule' drop down and also input '30' into the 'subscription interval'.

Available Servers

The server(s) you select will be what server(s) your commands run on.

Hide In Webstore

This will hide or show the product on the webstore depending on what option you choose.

Display Order

This will be what order your product displays on the store.

Purchase Limit

This will be the limit on how many times a customer can purchase this product. It is a limit for per customer.

Product Dependencies

The product dependencies section is optional and is commonly used for rank upgrades. Say you have VIP and VIP+ and you want your players to have purchased VIP before they can purchase VIP+. You would endable this feature and select the VIP product.
Be aware that if you assign a category to a parent category, you will unable to have products in the parent category.

Upselling Product

If enabled this will display the Product during the checkout, this gives customers another chance to add more products to their basket. You can also decide whether you want to discount the product at checkout by choosing whatever price you wish.


The reporting section allows you to select where you want purchase statistics to be recorded. You will notice that the 'Reporting category' will already be populated with the assigned category.
If your product has been assigned to mulitple categories, you will have the option to select the required reporting category.
Your 'Reporting server' will require you to select what server you would want to your product to report to.
Make sure you have a server created before creating a product. You can find this under the side menu. Webstore -> Servers.


The commands section will be where you configure what command will be executed on your server when a player purchases the product. You will see the following configuration:
  • Command
  • Execute
  • Requires to be online / offline
  • Command delay

Helpful Information Regarding Commands

Make sure you enter the correct command and test before releasing your product.
If you have not assigned an 'Available server' on your product, the command will use the server from the command section to execute on.
Requiring the player to be online / offline will depend on your server. If you have the option set to 'Execure offline', the command will be executed wether the player is online or not.
If you have the option set to 'Execute online' the command will wait until the player is online on the server before executing.